Chinese Flash

The best Mandarin vocabulary study tool.

Studying Should Be Fun

Everything You Need

Chinese Flash is a fun, immersive environment that helps you learn Chinese vocabulary through a unique SRS repetition algorithm.

Native-speaker recorded audio for each pinyin tone on each card helps your pronunciation.

With over 150+ built-in study sets, you can get started right away. You can also create your own custom sets, search for words in our 100,000+ entry dictionary, and even share sets across multiple devices.

150+ Sets: HSK & More
 We've included all the HSK word lists, character & word frequency lists, and more

Practice Tones with Audio
Native speaker audio of tone pronunciation included on each card

Totally Searchable Dictionary
Search through 100,000 words in less than a second.  Not sure of the tone?  No problem!


Feature Overview

SRS Study & Learn
As you study vocabulary in Chinese Flash, marking words as "right" and "wrong" automatically feeds into our SRS algorithm.

Words you need to see more often will show up more often.  Words you already know somewhat will appear less.  Moreover, our algorithm is fully customizable!  You can make it as hard or as easy as you'd like.

Awesomely Fast Search
Scenario: someone said a word you don't know.  You need to know it, FAST.

If you have Chinese Flash, no problem.  Our sub-second search doesn't even make you enter the tone numbers -- just use a question mark!  Finally, tap the star icon, and the word is automatically added to your Starred Words study set.

150+ Study Sets
A flash card & vocabulary tool that makes you enter all your data at the start... kinda sucks.  We provide over 150+ sets, built-in.

Our sets are word lists for common Chinese language proficiency tests, common characters & character sequences (bigrams), and even parts of speech (yay, let's study 3,000 common nouns!).

Fully Customizable
Don't like the red color?  Change it.
Don't want pinyin coloring?  Turn it off.
Want study reminders?  You've got it.
Want traditional hanzi?  Your perogative.

Chinese Flash is highly customizable -- you can study the way you want to -- and that's what should make it more fun.

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